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About SCollEdu

The beginnings of all things are small.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

With little steps in the sway we want to create a great impact on the socio network of the student and teacher community.

This is a student friendly application which involves the rich investments of the ever large student community in terms of knowledge and wisdom. Yes, we have a tryst with education and our organization caters to all kinds of the users’ needs for their enlightenment.

Our Logo has three specific colours Green, Blue and Red. It signifies the student community, teaching faculty Divine and the authoritative body of the educational Institution. The main purpose is to promote all types of educational enterprises. We take care of a host of requirements ranging from Lower Kindergarten to high professional levels.

Our portal has the policy of serving the ever increasing needs and demands of the teacher and the taught.
We also observe the eco-friendly drive to save the environment and follow paperless strategies to surmount the system. We buy and sell used text books, give ads. for the benefit of the educational Institutions, especially students and teachers.

One can etch on to us for Books, Coaching Classes, for counseling, for Home Tuitions, for Educational Institutions, Job Oriented Courses designed for students, Jobs for teahers.
Also we take care of the Needs of the schools, in buying and in selling, school uniforms etc.
Ours is purely a promotional agency in the milieu and use the Quikr option for quick and effectivee service. One can latch on with us for advertising, for promotional classifieds, for educational research. We arrange school trips, Educational enterprises like contact classes, coaching classes, seminars and the like.

Here one can look for a student friendly ambience aiming for educational promotions.
We are a non-profitable organization and do aim for the best services from our side.

We do hope that the services we render will echo in the vicinities for the needy listen , to share with us a vast amount of the treasure of wisdom.